Online Class Information

What you need to know


  • You'll need to download the Zoom App. It can be used on your tablet, phone or computer.  We recommend doing this in advance and trying out the app before your class.
  • Zoom will allow you to see your coach on the screen in a big box and additionally tiny boxes to see your classmates.  Your coach will also be able to see you at home to provide realtime feedback.
  • If you experience technical or internet difficulties, we can send you the link to complete the class afterwards.
  • Some classes with a single date allow you to register week to week for your classes of choice.  We recommend sticking with consistent time-slots just the same way you would with in-person classes. 
  • We have other classes that are consistent week to week and have our regular spring session dates and will remain online classes until our gym is back open.  
  • Please email us for specific private timeslot requests and specific class or timeslot requests.  

New 2020 Members - You need to register for classes through the online schedule below.  Please be aware that a one time 2020 registration fee of $30+HST will apply to each participant.

Current 2020 Members - Please look at the schedule below, but click the client portal link to register for classes.  Filter by "sessions" and select "online"  Please note that we are in the process of transferring credits from Mindbody to Jackrabbit, if you are trying to register for a class and your credit isn't there yet, don't worry, we will transfer any account credit from mindbody before charging a card on file. 

What are you looking for that you didn't find?  We're adding classes based on demand, so email us if you have a request!


  • Make sure you know how to turn your video on so that the coach can see you.
  • If you have the ability to mirror/cast your screen to the tv via chromecast or apple tv, do it!  Still leave your phone facing you to capture your own video.  
  • Gallery view is to see teacher & classmates in equally sized boxes.  Speaker view switches the biggest box to whoever is talking (usually the coach)
  • If your internet signal drops, just rejoin the meeting when you can and the coach will readmit you from the waiting room.

Instructional Video How to join a meeting on Zoom

Your link for your class is located in the Jackrabbit client portal in your schedule.    We do not email the class link, you must login to the portal to access the class link.