Policies and Gym Rules


  • A Cirque-ability Inc. Waiver must be signed by all participants.  
  • Minors can only participate if a parent/guardian has completed the waiver for them.  No exceptions.  
  • We accept payment by cash, email money transfer, mastercard or visa. 
  • We require registration information including full name, address and date of birth for every student. 
  • All participants and parents must follow Cirque-ability’s gym rules which are posted in the space.   
  • A yearly registration and insurance fee  of $30+HST is required to register for Cirque-ability Programs. This fee is due at the time of registration once per calendar year per participant and expires on Dec. 31st.  If not purchased during the checkout process by the client, it will be charged to the card on file when their online registration is reviewed by our admin team.  This fee is non-refundable.  


  • Registration is final with no refunds.  If you are injured and we cannot provide you with suitable alternatives or a suitable class change, with a Doctor’s note, we will provide a refund for the remaining classes minus a $50 withdrawal fee. 
  • Any other exceptions to the refund policy will be for a transferable credit on file which will be subject to a $50 withdrawal fee and will be approved or declined on a case by case basis.  


  • Refunds are only permitted with a minimum of 14 day notice prior to the start of the camp. A $50 cancellation fee will apply. No refunds without 14 day notice of cancellation prior to the camp start date. Transfers are permitted only with 14 days notice prior to the camp start date (refunds or additional transfers are not permitted).


  • Privates can only be rebooked with a minimum of 24 hour notice of cancellation in the online registration site. Re-scheduling the private is done through the office.


  • We are unable to provide Make-up classes for kids or family aerial/acro classes.  Exception in the summer session


  • Students in adult classes are eligible for a make-up class within the current session if they self-cancel themselves in the registration site with a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start of the class.  
  • We are unable to offer make-up classes for last minute things that don’t allow for 24 hour cancellation. Ex. Sickness, traffic/transit problems, work conflicts, etc. 
  • Make-up classes must be scheduled through the registration site by the make-up student.   
  • Make-ups can only be scheduled the same day that you wish to attend a make-up class and only when space is permitting. 
  • Make-up classes are not guaranteed.  -Make-up classes do not carry over to future sessions 
  • Aerial students can only book aerial class make-ups 
  • Ground (acro, flexibility, etc.) students can only book ground class make-ups. 
  • If Cirque-ability has to cancel a class do to extreme weather, blackout or other circumstances outside of our control, an opportunity to make-up the class will be provided within the current session whenever possible.  


  • Students who are unable to commit to a class time or who would like to try a class before committing to the session can register for a single space. 
  • Single spaces are only available on the same day as the class and are subject to availability. 
  • If you book a single/trial class in advance, it will be cancelled and refunded to your account. 
  • Single spaces must be booked online prior to participating in the class.   
  • To register for a single space, click sign up beside the class you would like to register for and select the same day pricing option in the checkout process.   
  • No make-ups for missed single class reservations. 
  • Single space reservation requires a credit card. If you do not have a credit card you can add a credit to your account by cash or email money transfer that you can then use for online purchases.   


  • Bookings are not held without payment in full.   
  • With a minimum of a month notice, we can reschedule your group. 
  • With a minimum of 1 week notice we can reschedule your group but a rebooking fee of 25% of your party total will apply.   
  • Maximum group size must be confirmed at the time of booking so that we can schedule the correct number of coaches on your group.  You will not be refunded the difference if you end up with a smaller group than expected. 
  • Parents & Guests who are not participating in the party are not permitted on the gym floor unless this has been arranged in advance. (Exception: CirquePlay party participants require a parent in the gym at all times) 
  • All participants must sign a waiver or have a waiver signed by their own parent if under 18.  
    Table Time  
  • Tables will be available 15 minutes prior to the start of your table time so that you can set up. 
  • Gym is off limits during table/food time.  
  • Tables are set up in our waiting area in a designated area, but please expect some foot traffic in space as classes come in & out.  
  • When you reserve tables in our waiting area for food/cake, supervision must be provided by party hosts.  
  • Bring all table cloths, food, napkins, plates, cutlery and special decorations that you require. Only sticky tack may be used on walls and it must be removed at the end of party. 
  • You are required to help clean party area and place garbage in bags which should be brought outside to dumpsters.   



  • Please help keep Cirque-ability tidy. Hang up your coat, put your belongings in the cubbies.  
  • Please take your belongings when you leave and throw out any garbage.  
  • Lost & Found is by the front door. It is emptied at the end of each session. You are only allowed on the gym floor during your class time.   
  • Please encourage your classmates, but you are not permitted to instruct or spot each other unless you are given instructions to do so by the coach. 
  • Students under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate. 
  • No gum, food or drinks on the floor. Only water is allowed in the gym and it must be off the floor and have a lid on it at all times. 
  • All participants are expected to treat instructors and classmates with respect and help create a supportive and fun learning environment. 
  • Please refrain from using offensive language and offensive slang. 
  • Jewellery must be removed and long hair tied back. 
  • Silks students must wear clothes that are free of metal fasters which can snag silks.  
  • No fake or long nails on the silks please. 
  • Cirque-ability aims to create a scent free zone.  Please avoid wearing perfume or heavily scented products. 
  • Visitors must remain in the waiting area. 
  • The waiting area is for waiting, please do not practice skills or start your warm-up. 
  • Bikes are not permitted in Cirque-ability or in the hallways of the building. Please bring a bike lock to lock your bike up outside.     


  • Supervision is required in our waiting area, please stay with your child until their coach calls them into the gym. 
  • For safety reasons, acrobatics, climbing or playing in changerooms is not permitted.  
  • We know that you love to watch your kids, but if you notice that it’s distracting kids in the class, please wait for a “parents day” to watch.  It can change the learning environment when every class becomes a “performance”.   
  • Do not coach your child from the waiting area. 
  • Children must be taken to the washroom before class to avoid group washroom trips in the middle of class and accidents in the gym.  
  • Empty strollers must be left in the main hallway (you can enter through the building’s double glass doors to access the hallway). If you have a child sleeping in a stroller, please do your best to place the stroller out of the way.