How to Register

Step 1

Create a profile in mindbody by clicking the button below.  

Add all family members to your account that you'll be registering for programs.  (Make sure each family member has an email on file.  It can be the same one as yours.)

My Account

Step 2

Click the waiver button below to fill out a Waiver and Registration Form & agree to policies and gym rules.  Each person who will be on the gym floor needs a completed waiver.  If you created your profile in step 1, choose "Already in our system"

If you are a return student and WaiverKing is not recognizing you as such, please create a new account and let us know and we will merge the accounts together. 


Step 3

A yearly registration and insurance fee  of $30+HST is required to register for Cirque-ability Programs. This fee is due at the time of registration once per calendar year per participant and expires on Dec. 31st. Once this fee is paid, you are considered a member of Cirque-ability.  Click the  button below to register for the age appropriate registration & insurance fee for each participant.  If you are registering a child, you must be logged into your child's account or you must first have your child's account linked to your own in your mindbody account before trying to register.   The registration must be done in your child's name.   

If you are new to Cirque-ability a trial class can be booked before the membership fee is due.   

Registration & Insurance Fee

Step 4

Click the schedule button below and follow the instructions to sign up when you see the class you'd like to register for.  

Follow the steps from the "sign up" button to register for your class(es) of choice.  The class fees will pro-rate automatically if you're registering after the start of a term.  If you're looking to register for a future term, scroll up to the top of the page to see if registration is open for that term yet and then change the dates on the calendar to find the term that you're looking for.   *Please note that changing the start date of the term or omitting select dates is not permitted*

Want to book a trial class first?  

If you or your child is attending for the first time, you can skip the the contract step and book a single class.  Follow the instructions for a same day single class spot and select the single class price.  Single/trial spaces can only be booked the same day as the class you want to attend.  If you book a single/trial class more than 24 hours in advance, it will be cancelled and refunded to your account.   Single/trial classes are only available when the class has space remaining.


Class Pricing & Structure


Cirque-ability runs four terms a year:

Winter - Jan. 5 - Mar. 31, 2019

Re-Registration Nov. 21st at 8pm

Open Registration Nov. 22nd at 8pm

Spring - Apr. 1 - Jun. 27, 2019

Re-Registration Feb. 27th at 8pm 

Open Registration begins Feb. 28th at 8pm 

Summer - Jul. 2 - Sept. 1, 2019

Re-Registration May 29th at 8pm  

Open registration begins May 30th at 8pm

Fall - Sept. 4 - Dec. 23, 2018

Kids & Family class registration - Jun. 19th at 8pm  

Adult Re-Registration - July 24th at 8pm  

Adult Open Registration - July 25th at 8pm  

These terms range from 8-16 weeks in length. We also have Performance Team programs that run September to June.  For most of our programs, registration is ongoing and you can join anytime within the term.   

Performance Team programs register for a PT term September to June.


Pricing is viewable in the checkout screen before confirming your registration.  Please note that prices listed in the checkout screen do not include the $30+HST Registration & Insurance fee which each participant must pay once per year.   A trial class can be arranged prior to paying the registration and insurance fee.  


 DISCOUNTS - (Must be entered in the online registration checkout process) If classes are added on after the initial registration, the appropriate discount will only be applied to the classes added on. Performance Team programs are not eligible for additional discounts.

Multi-class discount

Classes be for the same individual to be eligible for this discount.
2 classes/week - 10% off (Promo Code - 2Class) 

3 classes/week - 15% off (Promo Code - 3Class) 

4 classes/week - 20% off (Promo Code - 4Class) 

5 or more classes/week - 25% off (Promo Code - 5Class) 

6 hour/week PT - 25% off additional classes (Promo Code - PT25) 

4 hour/week PT - 15% off additional classes - PT15

2 hour/week PT - 10% off additional classes - PT10

Family Discount - Baby/TotCirque not eligible for discount since only the child is registered for the program. This discount applies for immediate family.  
5% off with multiple family registrations (Promo Code - Family)  

Discounts cannot be combined and are available at the time of registration only.  Discount codes must be entered by registrants in the check out process.  

How to Register

Current Schedule

Annual Registration & Insurance Fee