Why Choose Us?

Our History  

Cirque-ability was created so that students of all ages and abilities would be welcomed and encouraged to participate in circus inspired classes. Cirque-ability was founded in 2008 in Toronto’s west end in a small Sterling Loft. By 2011, Cirque-ability had outgrown the small studio and found a new home at 213 Sterling Rd.   In 2020 Cirque-ability relocated to our new home at 807 St Clarens Ave.  Students come to Cirque-ability to learn new skills, improve their fitness, make friends and have fun!  However, the real success that comes from discovering your “cirque-ability” is feeling inspired to do the things that you never thought possible.  
Our Vision  

To fill your life with fun, fitness and confidence.
Our Mission  

To help you discover your “Cirque-ability” through aerial and acrobatic programs. We promise personalized instruction, small class sizes and excellence in coaching. We believe that staying fit is fun and enjoyable when you are part of a community that respects, encourages and inspires you to be your best.   
What’s Unique about our Classes ? 

Small Class Sizes! Most of our classes have no more than 6 students to a coach, this allows for personalized instruction, faster progress and a higher level of safety. Lots of equipment! In our aerial program, we have no more than two students to a piece of aerial equipment which means more time in the air and less time waiting for your turn. In our acro program, we have a wide variety of acro equipment which allow for many different skill stations which facilitate learning. In our baby, toddler and kinder programs, we also have a wide variety of fun and colourful props and equipment just for them!
A skilled coaching team! Although many of our coaches are professional performers and former competitive athletes, we recognize that excellence in performance and competition does not by default make you a good coach. Our coaches know how to break down skills, give directions, troubleshoot problems and offer skill modifications. With backgrounds coaching dance, gymnastics, theatre and circus arts, our coaches have a multitude of knowledge to share with our students, but great coaches never stop learning. Our team comes together often for coach training where they have a chance to develop and build their coaching skills. Many coaches attend relevant coaching congresses, workshops, festivals and certification clinics each year.
A focus on safety! As with any athletic pursuit, there is always a risk of injury in aerial and acrobatics. We aim to minimize that risk with excellent coaches, skill progressions and proper matting. When looking for an aerial and acrobatic school it’s important to ask questions that pertain to your safety. Ask what training coaches have. Ask whether there is a level system in place to ensure that students aren’t working on skills beyond their ability. Take a look at the space to see whether you can see proper mats under equipment and on the floor. Ask questions about how the aerial equipment has been rigged. At Cirque-ability we are always happy to answer your questions.
Level Systems! Our coaches have a plan. Even the most difficult moves are broken down into progressions that make learning skills easier. Having a a level system in place ensures that advanced skills are not introduced too soon and students are ready for the skills they are learning. Our classes are unique because they are geared to each individual’s level by allowing students to work through our lesson plans at their own pace and not expecting them to work at a group level.
A Friendly and Supportive Environment. Cirque-ability has a great sense of community. Students of all levels work together and respect each other.   It doesn’t take long before Cirque-ability feels like your home away from home.  

“Cirque-ability: The ability that exists within to learn the art of circus.”