General FAQ

How do the classes work? Do I sign up for a specific class or can I attend any that I want?

We register by term (fall, winter, spring, summer).  You'll register for a specific class & time slot and that will be your regular class for the entire term.  

Can I try a class before committing?

Yes, we allow participants to book a single space up to 24 hours in advance if space is available in the term.  Just a heads up that this does not secure your space in the term, just for the single class.  Additionally sometimes our classes fill up and we cannot accommodate single class reservation. 

It's hard for me to commit to a regular class. What if I just want to book single classes?

Whenever possible, we recommend registering for the entire term.  It's very hard to make strength, flexibility and skill gains in our programs without attending at least one class a week.  We don't recommend ongoing single class reservation  unless you can commit to attending a class at least once a week.  

Can I make-up the classes I'll miss?

It is often possible to arrange make-up classes if you early cancel your class in the student portal at least 24 hours in advance.  We are unable to provide make-up classes for last minute things that come up like sickness, transit issues or work conflicts.  You can read more about our make-up policies here.

I have no experience at all, can I still join?

Absolutely!  Most of our classes are beginner friendly.  Clients progress at an individual level rather than at a group level.  If the course description doesn't mention a pre-requisite level or skill, then total beginners are welcome in the class!  You do not need to work out at a gym before attending, we will build the strength & flexibility that you need. 

I missed the start of the term, should I wait for the next term to join?

No, it's never too late to join!  We keep our class sizes small so that we can progress clients at their individual levels.  Clients are welcome to join at any point in the term and prices are pro-rated automatically when you register online. 

Aerial FAQs

What is aerial?

Aerial refers to the programs we offer with suspended equipment from the ceiling like silks, trapeze or hoop. 

What should I wear to an aerial class?

You should wear flexible pants that cover the backs of your knees and a tee/tank/leo that won't fall over your head when you invert.  As you progress in the levels, you will want to purchase a leotard or unitard to properly protect your skin while training.    You will be barefoot and long hair should be tied back.   For the silks, clothes should be free of metal fasteners, nails should be short and all jewellery should be removed.  As you progress on silks, there will be some skills that will need a long sleeve tee or leotard to protect the armpits. 

Will I learn all the apparatuses or can I pick one to focus on?

Please read the specific aerial class description for that answer.  In some of our classes like mixed aerial or 2 hour aerial and acro you will learn skills on various apparatuses.  In most of our aerial programs, you will choose one apparatus to remain on for the term.  Some clients take multiple classes a week to learn multiple apparatuses.  

How do I know if I'm at the correct level for the class?

For the Aerial, Silks or Trapeze classes, you will work through our level system at your own pace.  We cap our classes at 6 participants so that we can gear each class to your individual level rather than the collective group level.  If you have experience, you'll start at the beginning of our level system and review and skip over the skills that you've already mastered.   If you don't have any experience, don't worry, you will start at the very first lesson whenever you join and we will teach you everything you need to know!

Where can I get aerial equipment so I can practice at home?

We strongly discourage setting up aerial equipment at home.  Aerial is safest with maintained rigging, trained coaches and proper training mats.  Our staff are not permitted to advise you on setting up home equipment, but you can always ask for complimentary strength or flexibility work to do at home!

Acro FAQs

What is acro?

When we say acro we're referring to the classes that we offer on the ground that involve acrobatic elements.  Some of these classes work towards tumbling skills like cartwheel and back flips, others work toward partner and group balances like human pyramids and others focus on handstands or balancing on canes.  Please read the class descriptions carefully or contact the office if you need help with your class selection. 

What should I wear to an acro class?

We recommend athletic clothes that you can move easily in.  It could be shorts/leggings/sweats and a tank/tee/leotard.  You will be bare foot.  Long hair should be tied back and jewellery removed.

Can I learn a back flip here?

We have 3 levels of tumbling; introductory acro, beginner acro and intermediate acro.  Back tucks (back flips) are introduced in intermediate acro.  You will progress through the levels at your own pace.  Please read the beginner and intermediate descriptions for prerequisite skill requirements and feel free to contact us if you're not sure which level to start in.