"Cirque-ability”- The ability that exists within to learn the art of circus

Come Hang With Us!

What We Do

We bring out the “Cirque-ability” in everyone through aerial and acrobatic classes for age 1 to adult. We promise personalized instruction, small class sizes and excellence in coaching. We believe that staying fit is fun and enjoyable when you are part of a community that respects, encourages and inspires you to be your best.  

We LOVE coaching and we love seeing you succeed.  Whether it's learning your first cartwheel or mastering a footlock straddle invert on the silks, we celebrate your achievements with you.  Coaching is one of the most rewarding jobs and we can't wait to help you reach your goals.

Reasons to Try Aerial & Acro

  1. Make fitness fun
  2. Get stronger
  3. Improve flexibility
  4. Develop physical literacy
  5. Socialize
  6. Learn really cool tricks
  7. Build self-esteem
  8. Skills translate to other sports
  9. Great stress relief
  10. Exciting to reach goals

Register now for the Spring Term!

Spring Re-registration for Winter registrants - Feb. 27th at 8pm online

Open registration for everyone - Feb. 28th at 8pm online

*NEW* Ninjability Program

Calling all ninjas!  Are you ready to run up walls, jump over obstacles and swing through the air?  Are you ready to face ninja challenges where you can put your skills in problem solving, jumping, swinging and balancing to the test?

Claim your headband and accept the challenge! 

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Aerial silks class student holds a skill and smiles in a Toronto student show

Register Now!

At Cirque-ability, we accommodate you at your personal level.  There is no need to wait until the start of a new term to join.  Registration is ongoing until classes are full and prices are prorated. 

Mom and baby are smiling in their circus gymnastics class for parents and tots at Cirque-ability

CirquePlay Parties & Cirque Discovery Groups

Come and play in our circus playground!  We book CirquePlay parties on Saturdays at 4:15pm and on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays before 4pm.  


Looking for a fun daytime spot to let your child burn off some steam.  Book a Cirque Discovery visit for you and your friends on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays before 4pm.  

Aerial Hoop Performance Team Kid strikes a pose before her hoop class performance

Register for Summer Camp!

Summer Camp registration is open.  Learn some really cool skills and make new friends!   Age groups for ages 4 to 17!  

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