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Fun filled days at Cirque-ability!

Cirque-ability offers PA Day Circus Camps, March Break Camp, Summer Camp and Holiday Camps all year long.  No experience necessary to sign up. We offer camps for ages 4 to teen and the occasional adult camp too!

Register for Winter PA Day Camps now!

March Break Camp 2019 registration opens on Jan. 16th at 8pm online!  

Summer Camp 2019 registration opens on Feb. 20th at 8pm online!  

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A Typical Day for our age 4-5 Campers

Two kids show off their circus craft from inside a play tent at their circus camp in Toronto

  • Welcome Activities 
  • Warm-up Games & Stretch 
  • Aerial & Acro Circuit #1 
  • Aerial & Acro Circuit #2 
  • Aerial & Acro Circuit #3 
  • Sports 
  • Snack Break 
  • Art 
  • Story Time 
  • Tumble Track (A long trampoline)  
  • Performance Skills 
  • Game 
  • Lunch & Quiet Play 
  • Warm-up Games & Stretch 
  • Dance & Music 
  • Aerial Skills 
  • Acro Skills 
  • Mini-Tramp 
  • Snack Break 
  • Colouring or Activity Sheets 
  • Music & Rhythm 
  • Yoga 
  • Object Manipulation 
  • Creative Play 
  • Parachute & Games

Summer campers also participate in afternoon excursions to local parks and playgrounds.

A Typical Day for our age 6+ Campers

Proud and happy circus day camp kids smile as they hold a gymnastics mat above their head.

  • Welcome Activities 
  • Warm-up Games & Stretch 
  • Slackline
  • Hammock Silks
  • Acrobalance
  • Tumble Track (A long trampoline) 
  • Snack 
  • Trapeze or Hoop 
  • Silks Improv or Theatre Games 
  • Lunch 
  • Warm-up Games & Stretch 
  • Flexibility or Yoga 
  • Art 
  • Snack 
  • Routine Development 
  • Acro Goal Skills 
  • Object Manipulation 
  • Spanish Web 
  • Triple Trapeze 
  • Show Practice 

Summer campers also participate in afternoon excursions to locals playgrounds and pools.

How to Register


Step 1

Create a profile in mindbody by clicking the button below.  

Add all family members to your account that you'll be registering for programs.  (Make sure each family member has an email on file.  It can be the same one as yours.)

My Account

Step 2

Click the waiver button below to fill out a Waiver and Registration Form & agree to policies and gym rules.  Each person who will be on the gym floor needs a completed waiver.  If you created your profile in step 1, choose "Already in our system"

If you are a return student and WaiverKing is not recognizing you as such, please create a new account and let us know and we will merge the accounts together. 


Step 3

A yearly registration and insurance fee  of $30+HST is required to register for Cirque-ability Programs. This fee is due at the time of registration once per calendar year per participant and expires on Dec. 31st. Once this fee is paid, you are considered a member of Cirque-ability.  Click the  button below to register for the age appropriate registration & insurance fee for each participant.  If you are registering a child, you must be logged into your child's account or you must first have your child's account linked to your own in your mindbody account before trying to register.   The registration must be done in your child's name. 

If you are new to Cirque-ability a trial class can be booked before the membership fee is due.   

Registration & Insurance Fee

Step 3

Click the schedule button below and follow the instructions to sign up when you see the camp you'd like to register for.  

Follow the steps from the "sign up" button to register for your camp(s) of choice.  The camp fees will pro-rate automatically if you're registering after the start date.  


Annual Registration & Insurance Fee

Upcoming Camps!

Important Camp Info

Regular Drop-off:
Please drop your children off at 9am. Our entrance is on the North side of the building at 213 Sterling Rd, go east of the double glass doors, east of the garage doors and then you'll see our Cirque-ability sign and entrance. Please come all the way inside with your child when dropping them off and sign them in with a coach (Camp sign in is not available via Cirque-ability's alternate entrance - the inside hallway door entrance). On the first day, please confirm your approved pick-up list, any important medical/allergy information and your emergency contact number.  If it is your child's first time at Cirque-ability or it's been more than a year since their last visit, please complete a waiver.
We strongly recommend completing your child's waiver in advance to speed up the sign in process on the first day of camp.

Children without a waiver & registration form signed by a parent/legal guardian are unable to participate in our programs. 

Photo release:Please note, that our registration form includes a photo release.  This summer we will taking and sharing more pictures on social media so that parents can see all the fun that their kids are up to.  If you would like to opt out, please send an email to and we will exclude your child from photos or blur your child's image in group shots.  

Early/Late Camp Supervision:
Early & Late supervision is often available 8:30-9:00am and 4:00-5:00pm for an extra charge, but must be booked in advance through our online registration system at If you do not see it offered on the schedule, please contact us to find out whether we can add it for you.  We do not offer late supervision on Summer Camp Fridays since most parents arrive for the kids performance. This time is supervision only and does not provide organized activity or access to the gym.  Board games, cards and colouring sheets will be provided.  Your child is welcome to bring their own books or other quiet activities.
What to Wear:
We recommend sending your child in tights/athletic pants & a tee/tank/leotard. Clothes that will be worn on the aerial silks must be free of metal fasteners and zippers.  Children will be barefoot (If your child has a wart/wound, then socks or gymnastics slippers should be worn). Please let a coach know if that is the case. Long hair should be tied back and jewelry removed.  
What to Pack:

Please send your child with:

  • A water bottle
  • Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. NO PEANUTS OR TREE NUTS.  We are not a guaranteed nut free facility.  If your child has a serious nut allergy, please discuss with our staff whether this is a safe environment for them. 
  • Please do not pack ipads, tablets, etc. We recommend leaving these types of items at home.
  • Additionally, summer campers should arrive with sunscreen, sun hat, walking shoes, swimsuit and towel

Regular Pick-up:
Please pick up your child on time at 4pm and sign them out at the desk.  If someone other than a parent on file will be picking up your child, they must be included on your child's pick-up list and should bring ID with them.  Please note that we value our coaches' time and commitments outside of their work hours.  A fee of $2/minute will apply if you are late to pick up your child and will be charged to the credit card on file, or can be paid in cash at the time of pick-up.
If you need to contact the coaching team, you can leave them a voicemail at 647-238-0868. Please be aware that our coaches will be busy coaching and may not receive voicemails until the afternoon, during lunch and after camp, please keep this in mind when trying to contact our coaching team.

Camper Privacy

We are only able to provide camper outing locations and confirmation of registration to those listed on the camper pick-up or emergency contact list.  
If your child is hoping to attend with a friend, please contact that family to confirm which session they are registered for.  If that is not possible, we are happy to pass on your contact info to the family you are inquiring about.

If you would like to see your child at lunch or at another time during their camp day, you must sign them out and take them offsite to spend time with them.  We don't permit non-staff to socialize with our campers or accompany them on excursions.  

Refund/Cancellation Policy


Refunds are only permitted with a minimum of 14 day notice prior to the start of the camp. A $50 cancellation fee will apply. No refunds without 14 day notice of cancellation prior to the camp start date. Transfers are permitted only with 14 days notice prior to the camp start date (refunds or additional transfers are not permitted).

Registration and Insurance Fee

A $30+HST Registration and Insurance fee is required for anyone attending Cirque-ability 2 or more times in a calendar year.  Please select this fee in the "contracts" tab of the online store.  

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